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Our roots originated from an extremely passionate Singaporean gardening community who offered good value gardening-related items via laborious methods of delivery. Other than travelling around Singapore, many hours were also spent answering requests and packing seeds. Therefore, Concrete Jungle Singapore was born in order to build an online presence and to streamline the effort. It was tough work at the start but we had fun bonding over the makeshift desk in our living room. We took this chance to talk about the future and prioritised developing a website for a more convenient mode of online shopping.

Like many urban gardening pioneers in Singapore, we dream of making urban environments greener and for urban dwellers to be more connected to nature. We are new kids on the plot (pun intended), so we are always for more opportunities to learn and to work towards a greener future for everyone. We also have a vision for Concrete Jungle to grow into a company that will give to the less privileged, such as jobs, donations and activities.

The name, Concrete Jungle, is self-explanatory but we wanted to make it analogous and purposeful with elements of fun and vibrance. For this exact reason, we have built Concrete Jungle to offer great value to adults and for the kids, we have Scraper and Sprout! Join us in our green movement!